NEW OFFER for Women’s pants, Women’s jeans, Leggings, Shirts, Dresses and Tops

we have a new offer for Women’s pants, Women’s jeans, Leggings, Shirts, Dresses and Tops.


Brand names are from Denmark. The total quantity is 94,000 pieces. Goods are located in Denmark.


Normal wholesale price is Euro 19.75 per piece (on average).

RRP Retail price is Euro 55.23 per piece (on average).


  • Price offer now is Euro 4.75 per piece, take all, ex works Denmark.
  • Take all price including brand approval
  • No restrictions, can be sold worldwide
  • Goods are brand new, no shop returns


Pictures of the products can be sent by e-mail, as well as an overview of quantities by size.


An inspection is possible at any time.


This stocklot mainly consists of:

  • Women’s pants   24,000 pieces in all sizes
  • Women’s jeans   20,000 pieces in all sizes
  • Leggings               14,000 pieces in all sizes
  • Tops                      13,000 pieces in all sizes
  • Shirts                      5,000 pieces in all sizes
  • Dresses                  4,000 pieces in all sizes.



With any open questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Best regards,



Tim van Looijen, CEO

Phone +31 6 29 37 76 35


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